FASTPASS+ testing begins

Hey Yall! I have just found out that Disney is testing the new FASTPASS+ system. This is going to be a new way to reserve the FASTPASS for your favorite rides. This new technology will allow guests to schedule reservations for a ride before even getting on site. How cool is that? I think it is awesome!

The first two weeks of May select guests staying on site will be contacted and walked through the process. Then they will get a FASTPASS device with their reservations programmed in. Rumor is that this will be a card that can be swiped or a wristband of some type.

The same rules apply as when getting any other FASTPASS. Guest must return to the ride during the allotted time. The card is only valid during the dates selected so if the plan changes you must change the FASTPASS. The big advantage is you can plan get multiple passes without the standard waiting time.

I really hope Walt Disney World, choose Dad and Mrs. Mom for this new system so they can come back and give us the info.

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  1. Not sure I like this new fastpass idea. If they were going to change anything I’d rather they just give everyone one fastpass per eligible ride when they enter the park(via park ticket) and that’s it. Just one set for all. I think you should gave to be at the park to get one. It’s already tough for some rides and as it is now I know I can get a fastpass for things like Toy Story Mania if I get there right away. With the new system I could get there right away and not get one if I didn’t reserve one in advance? I’m very skeptical.

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    I am not sure the details but that is a good point that I hope the powers the be at Walt Disney World has thought through. Maybe eventually they will open this up to everyone staying on site. Another great advantage of staying on site.

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