All Inclusive Walt Disney World Vacation

My friend Melanie (and yes, she is my friend not just someone on the internet I’m calling my friend to be polite) sent me a note today asking about whether or not there were all-inclusive Walt Disney World Vacations? Melanie has a great website called Excellent Vacation Ideas and calls me whenever she has a question about Walt Disney World. (Like you would call anyone else?)

Twin Lobster Tails from Cap'n Jacks part of an all-inclusive Walt Disney World Vacation
Dream about this – Photo by SanctumSolitude

Melanie wrote a whole page about an all-inclusive Walt Disney World Vacation. It got me to thinking. Why doesn’t Disney have one? I’m sure there is a market out there that would pay big bucks for a worry free vacation where someone is just waiting to make your dreams come true. (Look for Dad to get that business started here in a couple of years.)

Then I got to looking at just the utter size of Walt Disney World. Most all-inclusive resorts are self-contained and so is Disney World but that’s where the similarity ends. At Disney World there are 25 Resort Hotels, not just one or two.  There are 4 theme parks and 2 water parks. There are over 100 restaurants and several are owned and managed by companies other than Disney, not to mention the food carts and other vendors.

At most all-inclusive resorts you have a limited selection of entertainment options. Disney World has an almost unlimited selection of entertainment options. From horse riding at Ft. Wilderness Campground to driving a race car at over 120 miles per hour at the Richard Petty Driving Experience, you can find almost any kind of entertainment you’d like at Disney World.

The more I look at it, the more I understand that it’s just not practical to have an Disney World vacation that’s all-inclusive. A few years ago, Disney decided they needed something to compete with the all-inclusive resorts. That’s how they came up with the Disney Dining Plan. It’s kinda all-inclusive in that most of you major expenses are paid for in advance.

Some of the higher end Dining Plans like the Premium and Platinum include not only dining, but some of the extra curricular activities. These plans cost a ton, but they allow you to do almost everything at Disney World.

Thanks Melanie for the nice words about Dad and his site. I really think your site is great too. Folks if  you’re looking for any Excellent Vacation Ideas, make sure to go over and check Melanie out. She’s got a whole bunch and she know what she’s talking about.

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