The inside of Big Top Souvenirs

Big Top Souvenirs and FASTPASS in Storybook Circus

Hey yall! It has been awhile since I have brought you an update about Storybook Circus and the new Fantasyland. I know you have missed it like crazy. I am happy to announce today that FASTPASS has launched for Dumbo and The Barnstormer. The third bigtop, named Big Top Souvenirs, has also opened and is home to the FASTPASS distribution center and a great food area.

The inside of Big Top Souvenirs

The Big Top … Get your tickets … Photo by Disney Parks Blog

Disney has been changing the way FASTPASS works. You can see that at the big top.

Normally guests can only get a FASTPASS for one ride at a time. Another FASTPASS rule was guest would have to wait a certain amount of time before getting another FASTPASS. These rules kept from bottlenecking lines and from having to many guests getting in the FASTPASS line at the same time.

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Well in the new Fantasyland they have bent the rules just a bit. Today the FASTPASS system launched in Storybook CIrcus. Guests can now get FASTPASS for both Dumbo and The Barnstormer at the back of Storybook Circus. Originally guests had to go to Mickey’s PhilharMagic to get FASTPASS for these rides.

I heard from a guest who was visiting today that when they got the Fastpass for Dumbo and The Barnstormer they got an extra surprise FASTPASS for Mickey’s PhilharMagic. I cannot guarantee that this will be the normal case but it is a great added bonus if it does continue. FASTPASS is an important part of any plan.

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The other great part of the Big Top Souvenirs is the fun food items available here. Fantasyland stuck with circus theme for the food. The area is filled with tables and chairs and guest can go up to the food carts and order the snacks they want to munch on. Snacks include hotdogs, pretzels and sodas to choose from. This area is a great place for parents to grab a snack and watch their kids play in the nearby splash area.

Maybe Dad and Mrs. Mom will be able to bring us a live report from Palooza 2012 about this! There is still time to get Dad’s Daily Palooza updates (you might even win something).

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  1. The Philharmagic surprise fast passes are pretty common I think, especially at down times of the year. That show seats a ton of people and doesn’t fill up so giving them away is a way to make guests feel special and very low risk for WDW. It’s nice to get it though.

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