Bonus – consider refurbishments?

Here’s a bonus just for today. (No I’m not going to take it down tomorrow, it just sounded good.)

Do you consider refurbishments when choosing when to go to Disney World?

Do you consider refurbishments for a Disney World Vacation

Star Tours reopened in June - Photo by Samantha Decker

Walt Disney World is always closing and refurbishing attractions. Always. Water Parks get closed in the winter one at a time. Hey, Fantasyland is undergoing a major change and Mickey’s Toontown Fair is gone altogether. ¬†Would you postpone a trip for a couple of weeks or months just to see a new attraction or to make sure one is open?

It’s a big question. For example, Star Tours was closed for months and reopened last year. A lot of people adjusted the dates of their trips to make sure the would be able to see the new and very much improved Star Tours.

So, with the new Fantasyland upgrades and new attractions in the Magic Kingdom should you change the dates of your vacation. Dad’s firm answer is probably not.

New attractions and refurbished attractions will be around for a while. Disney measures ages of attractions in decades not days so they tend to stay around for a while and don’t usually change a lot. But …

If a new attraction is coming on line about the time of your trip and you can change dates, you might want to consider it if the attraction is important. For example, right now Dumbo is closed. It’s supposed to open again in February, if I had small children then yes, I might try to move the trip until after Dumbo reopened.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Changes to attractions happen all the time. Should you change your dates because one is closed? Nah. It’s not that important. There are plenty of other things to see.

This idea came to me when I was reading about dealing with changes at WDW

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