Columbia Harbor House – More space would be nice

Columbia Harbor House is one of the Magic Kingdom’s different counter service restaurants. Different because it doesn’t serve hamburgers or hot dogs. Which can cause a problem…

Finally it was time for lunch. We’d been traipsing through the Magic Kingdom since it opened and my omelet was wearing off. I needed some grub.

THE PLAN called for lunch at Columbia Harbour House. This was going to be a new experience for Dad and the Family. We’d stopped in once, but all the tables were full, so we skipped it.

Guess what? All the tables were full again. This place is too small. But THE PLAN said this is where we were going to eat, so we decided to wait for the next table.

Oh, by the way, there are no nicely dressed young people waiting to seat you. You just have to wait and elbow your way in. That was a bit of a problem for us, we had a party of 11. Not too many tables for 11 anywhere at Disney World.

After a couple of minutes, a family started to clean off their table. We almost let them get out of their chairs before we slid into them. The table sat 6 so we only needed one more table. The guys decided it would be OK to go ahead and order and leave the women to find another table.

We ordered and got the food and came back and magically the whole area where we had found the first table had cleared out and there was seating for all of us. It was like magic.

I never did find out exactly how we came up with all those seats, but I was sure glad we did.

Oh, yeah, the food was pretty good too.

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