Dad weighs in on Fantasyland Expansion

Dad got a question today about the Fantasyland Expansion and especially how it will effect Dumbo. With Disney announcing the closing of Mickey’s Toontown Fair (in February 2011), Dad decided to weigh in and talk about the coming expansion of Fantasyland.

Question about the Fantasyland Expansion

PIcture of Fantasyland Expansion

Disney artist rendition of Fantasyland

So here’s what’s going to happen. Mickey’s Toontown Fair will close for good on February 11, 2011. All the rides, except The Barnstormer will be replaced. (The Barnstormer will eventually be remodeled into something more fitting of Fantasyland probably Dumbo themed.)

Several new attractions have been announced.

Under the Sea with Ariel – Go under the sea with Ariel. Details of this ride are still sketchy, but don’t expect the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea submarines to make a return. The ride will probably resemble the “clammobiles” from The Seas starring Nemo and Friends.

Beauty and the Beast Land – Beauty gets her own castle. (She will probably be a little jealous, her castle will be much smaller than Cindy’s) I can just see the catfight now. A “magic” mirror will transport guests from the humble village cottage into the stately Beast’s castle where Belle will tell her story. There will be a 550 seat restaurant inside the castle.

Cindy’s attraction – there is a place for a new Cinderella attraction. Imagine Cinderella and Prince Charming presiding over the daily jousting tournament or maybe knighting all the little boys that come through the castle. (Hey, at least one of these areas has to be man friendly, even if the men are under 4 feet tall.) PS. The above is what Dad imagines, details are still sketchy.

Sleeping Beauty – not to be outdone, Sleeping Beauty also gets a spot in Fantasyland. This will be home to a big birthday party for Aurora. (Sounds like fun.) Kids will bet to make birthday cards and hide and “surprise” the princess.

Dumbo – will be doubled and have a pavilion where you can get a number and wait your turn. I wondered what the hardware store did with all those number machines.

Tinker Bell’s Pixie Hollow – Finally the fairies get a fancy real home. For the last year or so, the fairies have been a big hit. Now they get their own digs. Yes, Pixie Hollow is going to be fairy sized (ouch).

The rest of Fantasyland will stay mostly intact. Disney has already closed all the rides in Fantasyland that are going to be closed. It looks like the Tea Cups will be moved a bit.

When all is said and done Fantasyland will be double it’s present size. Cool.

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  1. I love your site! We are visiting Disney at the end of Feb. My little girl loves Magic Kingdom and the Princesses. I’m worried, after reading your site, that MK will not be a great experience. What should I expect? Will there be construction everywhere? Will there be long crowds b/c a good portion of the park is closed? If so, what would you recommend to make the trip more enjoyable.



  2. Post


    The construction in the Magic Kingdom is very limited. Yes, Fantasyland has a bunch, but it’s starting to look like something and you might find it interesting to see just what’s going on. The rest of the Magic Kingdom will be in great shape. There may be a couple of other rides undergoing some refurbishment, but you’ll find plenty to do.

    The end of February can be a bit tricky depending on your definition of end. If your talking the week of Presidents Day, it will be packed. the last week of February should be pretty nice. (You can see what I mean at Dad’s February Disney World Crowds pages.

    The only “big” ride that should be closed is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. (Dumbo reopens on the 17th.)

    Hope this helps,

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