Disney Cruise Friday – Pictures and more pictures

I don’t know if you follow Dad’s Facebook page (shame on you if you don’t). Every day we look at lots of pictures of something Disney. It’s lots of fun.

Today we are looking at pictures of Castaway Cay and Nassau, Bahamas. The day started out with a beautiful picture  of Castaway Cay from Chris.

Next came a picture of the Black Pearl …

The Black Pearl at sunset at Castaway Cay

Wow. That’s amazing. Thanks Laura

In the past we’ve had some great Disney Cruise pictures like …

Sorcerer Mickey and the Fantasia Broom painting the Disney Dream

Who wants this job?

Or this …

The Smokestacks with Mickey on the Disney Dream

Gotta love the “unhidden” Mickey

Yep, the pictures over there are lots of fun. Come on over and see.

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