Disney Hotels Week – the Deluxe Resorts

Hey, what happened there. Someone interrupted the report I was writing for tonight. Here is the real Disney Deluxe Resorts post for today.

The Wilderness Lodge is one of the most beautiful Disney Deluxe Resorts

The Wilderness Lodge - Photo by Samantha Decker


The Disney Deluxe Resorts are the most interesting of the Disney Hotels. Not only are they the most expensive (maybe too expensive) and the most unique, they are all a bit different and have different price tag. Basically there are three groups. The Monorail Hotels, the Epcot/Boardwalk Hotels and the Lodges.

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of the 3 groups separately.

You have to start with the Monorail Hotels. They are –

These hotels are the the best, most convenient hotels at Disney World and they all have rooms where you can see the Magic Kingdom.


  • Location, Location, Location – the Contemporary is walking distance from the Magic Kingdom.
  • Transportation – the monorail to both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, the launches (boats) to the Magic Kingdom and the bus system to the parks give the monorail hotels the best transportation of all the hotels.
  • Room size – rooms at these hotels are the largest on property and sleep 5.
  • Great entertainment – there are multiple entertainment options at each hotel. The Grand Floridian has a wonderful spa, the Polynesian has the best beach in the world, the Contemporary has world class water sports and a tennis court.


  • Price – prices on the Disney Deluxe Resorts are outrageous.
  • Cheap food options lacking – yes, there is a “snack” bar in each of the hotels, but they don’t have a lot of options.
  • That monorail thing is annoying and ugly – yeah, I’m making this up because there is not that much not to like.

The Epcot/Boardwalk Area Resorts are –

These hotels are not quite as expensive as the Monorail Hotels, but they are almost. The view isn’t as spectacular, but you might get a peak at Epcot.


  • Location – being at the back entrance to Epcot is really neat. You can be in Epcot in about 5 minutes and in Disney Hollywood Studios in less than 15 minutes.
  • The Boardwalk – The Disney Boardwalk is a neat place. There’s a lot to do and see and some  good places to eat.
  • Theme – these hotels really are nice. It would be natural to see men with top hats and tails (OK, maybe not tails).


  • Transportation – the bus service is shared with all of the Boardwalk area hotels including the Swan and Dolphin.
  • Cost – these hotels are almost twice as expensive as a moderate.
  • Smallish rooms – for the money rooms are a little small.

The Lodges. The two Lodges, the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Wilderness Lodge may be the most interesting of the  Deluxe Hotels. Both are beautiful, and have some real interesting landscape.


  • The theme – both hotels are magnificent. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is the most interesting hotel at Disney World and probably the second most loved especially with kids. The animals are incredible. The Wilderness Lodge has a spring (manmade) fed stream that runs through it. These are cool.


  • Location – both of these hotels are a bit remote. Nothing is close.
  • Transportation – bus (and boat to the Magic Kingdom at the Wilderness Lodge). The Animal Kingdom Lodge bus service is a bit dicey.
  • Small rooms – these rooms are barely larger than the moderates at a lot more money.

Dad would stay in a Deluxe Resort just about any day if money wasn’t an object. I’d be happy for someone to send me a bazillion dollars so I could live out my days in peace at the Polynesian Resort. These hotels are beautiful and mostly wonderfully located. My only real complaint about them is the price. (That and the transportation thing from the Animal Kingdom Lodge.)

Dad’s Bottom Line

If you can afford the Deluxe Resorts, by all means pick the one that best fits your family and book one today.

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