Disney Hotels Week – The Deluxe Villa Resorts

For years Dad has been in love with the Disney Vacation Club. Even when there was just one resort which was actually called the Disney Vacation Club, Dad wanted to join. So Dad, why didn’t you? Money of course. It just didn’t fit into our budget at the time. Remember Debt is Dumb. (A lesson I’m just now learning.)

View of sunset from the Bay Lake Towers

The View - Photo by Peter E. Lee


The Disney Vacation Club Resort was renamed and Disney gave a different name to the resorts that make up the DVC for us non-DVC people. For us, they are called the Deluxe Villa Resorts. The Deluxe Villa Resorts are a different breed of hotel. These are not so much hotels as Condos. Yes, they are Timeshares. If you join the Disney Vacation Club you are joining a Timeshare program. (Dad’s Disney Vacation Club page.)

Even without a membership you can rent a DVC room just like a regular hotel room. It’s just that the name is different. When you rent by the night, you rent a Deluxe Villa Resort room. OK, enough of that. It’s nothing to worry about.

So what do you need to know about the Deluxe Villa Resorts? Being Condos these rooms are bigger. They have some things you don’t get in the regular rooms and they have options for larger families and groups. There are now 7 Deluxe Villa Resorts. They are –

It’s been announced the in a couple of years an new Disney Vacation Club Resort will open at the Grand Floridian. (Dad is still waiting for the Polynesian to get one.)

So, Dad, what are the pros and cons of the Deluxe Villa Resorts?

Good question. Who asked that? Here are the pros and cons of the Deluxe Villa Resorts.


  • Space – these are the largest rooms at Walt Disney World. Even the studio villas are very comfortable for most families. The Grand Villas are like staying in a house (because basically that’s what they are.)
  • Kitchens – there is a full kitchen in all but the studio villas. You can save money by cooking your own meals (especially breakfast) in your room (or at least by stocking the fridge with your favorite beverage).
  • Whirlpool Tubs – the one bedroom and bigger villas come with large whirlpool tubs. (Not the standard size, but the oversize tubs.) There is nothing like a soak in a whirlpool after a day in the parks.


  • Cost – these rooms aren’t out of line for a Disney Hotel, but they are costly.
  • Beds – Disney relies on a lot of  “pull out” beds for these resorts. You might check if a room says it sleeps 8, there might only be 2 real beds. (A couch and 2 chairs might make up the rest of the “beds”.)
  • Kitchen – this is Mrs. Mom’s biggest problem with the Deluxe Villa Resorts. She just knows that I’m going to make her cook on our vacation. I would never do that. I have no clue where she got that idea. (Might be from our discussions all those years ago when I said something like “just think of the money we could save if we cooked all of our meals in our room.”) Some people don’t want to be cooking or even thinking about a kitchen on vacation.

If you have a large family, or if you are going to stay at Walt Disney World for a long period of time, the Deluxe Villas might just be the way to go. The extra space and having the kitchen/living areas can make a vacation more relaxing.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad and Mrs. Mom are trying out a Magic Kingdom View at the Bay Lake Towers this trip. It will be interesting to see the view. I wasn’t very impressed with the Animal Kingdom Lodge Villa Studio room last year. (The bed was very hard   and the room was very dark.) But we are planning to have a great trip.

Let me just add that there is a way to save a ton of money on Disney Vacation Club Resorts. (I tell you all about it in my 60 Secret Savings on Disney Hotels book.) I’m doing this again for the second time. We’re paying $240 per night for our Bay Lake Tower Magic Kingdom view  which normally runs $560 per night for that time period.

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