Disney World – The Monorail to Epcot

The Stop and Smell the Roses Express was finally at the train station. Literally. It was time to take our first monorail ride. We were so excited. We walked out of our room in the Pago Pago building right to the path to The Transportation and Ticket Center. We were headed to Epcot.


Yes, Epcot. The Plan called for us to start our trip in Epcot. Mrs. Mom and I had agonized over this. Do you take the kids to the “boring” park first, or right to the Magic Kingdom. We decided to start with “boring”.

We walked up the ramp to the Monorail to Epcot. Dad, having done his research, asked the attendant if the family could ride in the front of the monorail with the driver. “Sure” the nice Disney cast member said. “Come right up here and wait.”

This was in 1994. Long before everyone had the internet to do research. So Dad knowing to ask for the front of the monorail was pretty good.

And we walked right to the front of the line. And waited almost patiently.

After a bit here came the monorail. We climbed in and were greeted by a cheerful pilot who quickly welcomed The Princess and The Man-Child and started making small talk with them. It was great. The pilot keyed the announcement we were all waiting to hear…

Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor… and we were off.

The kids were freaking. They were looking 4 ways at once. Watching the pilot drive, watching the scenery go by, and looking for EPCOT, (In those days you Epcot was EPCOT because it was an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. Somewhere in the last 10 years Disney has dropped the acronym and it’s now just plain Epcot.)

Just after we made the turn away from the road and toward EPCOT, we stopped. The pilot told us there was a traffic jam ahead and we would have to wait for a few minutes.

The Princess and The Man-Child were going nuts. They were checking out every leaf on every branch of the trees. They were looking for Bambi (cause Dad told them that Bambi lived in the woods between The Magic Kingdom and Epcot). They were having a great time.

Finally the all clear came and off we went. As we came around the corner and got our first look at EPCOT, The Princess screeched “Daddy, look at the big ball.” The kids hugged and giggled. It was great.

As we drove around the loop, I told them about each of the rides they could see. Finally we came smoothly to a stop.

And then The Man-Child said…

It was the funniest thing ever…

It will kill you when you hear it…

OK, OK, I’m getting to it…

He said, “Daddy, we’ve seen Disney World, now we can go home.”

All the planning, all the talking, all the excitement, we’ve been at Disney World for less than 18 hours, we haven’t ridden a single ride (other than the monorail), we haven’t seen a single show, and he’s content. He’s seen all he needs to see. We can go home now.

I was speechless. (That doesn’t happen very often.)

Moral of the story –

Monorail rides are great for 4 year old boys.

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