Fantasmic – Get in line early

But Mommy, I want to see Fantasmic.

Yes, it’s Christmas Week. Yes, the park is full. I wanted to see Fantasmic.

We were there with my parents, brother, his wife, his 3 kids, Dad’s Mom and Dad’s Dad (say that one three times fast), and of course Mrs. Mom, The Princess, The Man Child, and little ole’ Dad.

We finally got back over to Hollywood Boulevard a lot later than Dad had planned. It was only about 50 minutes until Fantasmic was supposed to start. Dad’s Mom wanted to shop. The kids wanted to ride something. Mrs. Mom wanted to sit down. Dad’s Dad just followed the crowd (he’s the smart one of the bunch). Dad wanted to get in line for Fantasmic. Come on everyone we have to hurry to get in line.

Everyone answered they had other things to do. Hold them a place in line and they’d catch up later.

Yeah, right, like that will work.

So the boys, Dad, Dad’s brother, Dad’s Dad, The Man-Child, and Dad’s brother’s son (need a scorecard?) went to hold places in line. We got to the line area and followed it, and followed it, and followed it, until …

We came to the end where there was a nice Disney cast member with a horrible job telling everyone that the line for Fantasmic was closed and everyone not in line would have to catch the late show. I kindly asked the nice Disney cast member if he knew who I was, and if he was out of his mind? He smiled and said the next show is at 9:30 (or something) and you might want to get in line about at least an hour before the show. (Sure, like that’s going to happen.)

The boys went back and found the girls. I told everyone we’d have to get in line at about 8:30 for the 9:30 show. Everyone started whining (I hate whiney people) about how late it would be, how tired they were, they just wanted to go back to the hotel …

“Mommy, I want to see Fantasmic” someone cried. (Yeah, that someone was Dad.)

Go ahead. Just go back to the hotel. Don’t think about what Dad wants to do. He’s just the one that has organized everything. He’s just about the best Dad in the whole wide world, come on little bother, say something.

Somebody whined loudly “But Mommy, I want to go see Fantasmic”.

Everyone decided to go back to the hotel. The told me that I could stay all by myself and watch Fantasmic and catch a bus back to the hotel. Why yes, I could do that, but what’s the point. A big part of watching the firework shows at Disney World is sharing them with others. They aren’t so fun alone.

I cried because Mommy wouldn’t go see Fantasmic with me.

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