Follow instructions, PLEASE

Dad is about to rant. So those of you who are sensitive to rants you might want to visit one of Dad’s great soothing Disney World pages. Like this the Hall of Presidents.

How hard is it to follow instructions? (Yes, that’s a rhetorical question that doesn’t require an answer – the definition of rhetorical.)

When it comes to some of the shows at Disney World it must be pretty hard.

For example takeMickey’s Philharmagic.

The instructions as you enter the theater are very clear. “Please move all the way to the ends of the isles, and no flash photography.” So what happens next. A family of 15 plops themselves down right in the middle of 3 rows and starts taking pictures of each other. (I just picked that 15 number out of the air. Our family was, as usual, one of the last in the theatre.)

Hey, stoopid people, follow instructions. Why are you so special. Just because you lined up for the 2:00 show at like 7:00 am doesn’t give you the automatic right to the middle seat.

Follow the nice ladies instructions. Maybe next time I have to climb over your dainty little feet I’ll make sure to step on them with my size 12’s.

Take that.

PS. If you see anyone taking a flash picture, put your hand up just as they push the button. It’s a sure way to make a new friend.

OK, Dad’s done ranting.
For now.

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