Here we go again – Free Dining at Disney World for the fall

It’s back. The promotion that just won’t die. Yep, Free Dining at Disney World is back for the fall. (At least that’s what the rumors say.)

Supposedly, starting tomorrow Disney Visa Card holders will be able to book Free Dining at Disney World for select dates for the rest of the year. Then on Thursday or Friday, it will be available for the general public. I was a bit shocked when I saw the dates. See for yourself and try to figure out what shocked me …

The dates –

  • September 29 – October 2
  • October 18 – November 2
  • November 11 – 23
  • December 12 – 22

So what’s the big shock? The first week in December. (It’s because Dad proclaimed it the best week in 2013 to visit Disney World.) I’m also a bit shocked that it runs so late in December. The 22nd is getting awful close to Christmas.

The details are a 3-night minimum stay is required and there’s a 14-night maximum. Every guest must have at least a 2-day park ticket (purchased with the package). Certain hotels and rooms are excluded (Art of Animation, All Star Movies, Port Orleans – French Quarter, Ft. Wilderness Campground campsites, 3-bedroom villas)

The Value Resort get the Quick Service Plan (which can be upgraded to the regular plan for $19 for adults and $3 per child), all the rest get the regular Dining Plan.

More detail will be available tomorrow.

If you are looking to go to Disney World this fall, it’s time to get your trip started. Go ahead and get on the list right now. Just go over and let Dad’s partners at Destinations to Travel get your trip started today. They can go ahead and put your name on the list so first thing tomorrow or Thursday morning they’ll call and get your room reserved. What are you waiting for?

This really may be your last chance to get Free Dining at Disney World. I know, I’ve been proclaiming it dead for years, but some day it will be gone forever. Trust me.

UPDATE: No Disney Visa Club offer, but keep the faith. Even the Disney Cast Members are finally starting to say call back later in the week. Looks like Thursday will be a big day!

UPDATE #2: It’s here! There are some little changes (like the whole Art of Animation is excluded) PLUS a room only discount was announced for the fall. Get all the details here …

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  1. I have flight booked November 9 and coming back the 16, but see that November 9-10 aren’t in those dates…any idea if they will let me do the free dining for those days??

  2. Post


    The Free Dining promotion is based on the day you check-in to the hotel. If you check in on the 9th you won’t get Free Dining. You could make 2 reservations. One for the 9th and 10th and on for the 11th through 16. That way you’d get Free Dining for the 11th through 16th, but your ticket price would be lots higher. It might not be worth it.

    There will probably be a room discount for all the dates between September 29 and December 22. That will probably be your best bet.

    Carl (Dad) Trent

  3. Dad, I am totally confused. What do you mean by “FREE DINING?” Are you saying I can go to a Disney restaurant and eat for free? And any Disney restaurant? I mean that is just too good to be true!

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    Free Dining is getting the Disney Dining Plan for free. Yes, it does work at almost all of the Disney World restaurants. It’s a great deal.

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