How to handle Christmas Week at Walt Disney World

I got a question today from Lara who is going to Walt Disney World during Christmas week. That got me to thinking, I’ve never talked about how to handle Christmas Week at Disney World.

Lara’s question about prices on food and merchandise at Disney World during Christmas


Big crowds at Walt Disney World during Christmas week

Big crowds


Let’s start with Christmas Day. Stay out of the Magic Kingdom. I know it sounds so wonderful. Spend Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom. But, this will be the busiest day of the year at the Magic Kingdom. By 10:30 you probably won’t even be allowed to enter. Instead, head over to Epcot. Epcot swallows crowds. It has huge, wide walk ways and lots and lots of restaurants.

The 26th again I would avoid the Magic Kingdom (because has both morning Extra Magic Hours and evening Extra Magic Hours). This is a good day for Animal Kingdom.

Let’s go to Disney Hollywood Studios on the 27th. Then finally to the Magic Kingdom on the 28th. On the 30th it’s back to Epcot and on the 31st back to the Magic Kingdom (yes, the crowds will be out of control late in the day). You might try watching the fireworks from over at the Polynesian Resort or even at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Make sure you have dining reservations for every sit down restaurant you want to eat at. (Yeah, I know that sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know that you need reservations.)

(If you want to get reservations for Christmas at Disney World let Dad and Pixie and Pirate Destinations help.)

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