How To Stay Cool in World Showcase at Epcot

Hey yall! Yesterday we talked about staying cool in Future World in Epcot. It is only fitting that today we discuss ways to stay cool in World Showcase. Unlike the other parks, World Showcase usually does not open until 11 a.m. That means on your day visiting this park you can sleep in and lounge around your resort. Take full advantage of this during the hot summer months.

George Washington at Valley Forge in the American Adventure

I think they crank the AC up extra high during this scene. Photo by Express Monorail

World Showcase features 10 different countries from across the globe plus America. Let’s start with ways to cool off in Mexico. Guests can ride Gran Fiesta Starring the Three Caballeros. This is an 8 minute boat ride featuring Donald Duck and his friends. It is nothing spectacular but it is a nice way to cool down plus the inside of the Mexico Pavilion is absolutely gorgeous and really cool. You can shop there for hours.

China, France, and Canada all have movies about the country. This is a great chance to get in the air conditioning and cool off. Each movies plays for about 15 or so minutes. This is a great chance to grab some water and enjoy the great scenery from each of these countries. Some times little kids fall asleep during these films. Which can be a problem in China and Canada since all guests have to stand up. France is the best of the three because they have real comfortable seats.  It must be hard to be a kid at Walt Disney World.

Here is Dad’s favorite way to stay cool: visit the American Adventure and find a seat close to the center of the rotunda. Then wait until the next Voices of Liberty performance. Dad loves The Voices of Liberty, so much so that his dream job is to be one. Then guests can enjoy Mrs. Mom’s favorite part of World Showcase the show at the American Adventure (sometimes I think Dad snoozes through this).

If you are still to hot just go into any one of the numerous shops in World Showcase and have a look around. You can even grab a bite to eat at any pavilion. Since the World Showcase opens at 11 a.m. I do not suggest going back to the resort until probably 4 and then making a late dinner reservation.

I want to stress the importance of pacing yourself. Dad likes to go go go and go fast. Well that is just fine for families with older children. Families with younger children and also those traveling with grandparents need to listen to those in their party about the pace and stopping to rest.

Tomorrow I will give you tips on staying cool at Magic Kingdom. You won’t want to miss this. If you have any tips you would like to share, please leave a comment below. Stay Cool.

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