It’s the most wonderful day of the year.

Today is a special day.

No, not because it’s 180 days before the first week of December, which a couple years ago another Disneyish website proclaimed as the Most Important Disney Day of the year (which was wrong in so many ways). No, it’s not because of D-Day (although that’s a very important thing and we should remember those who gave so much) happened on this date. No, it’s not because the first Drive-In Picture Show opened or because Tetris was released or even that Bill Bates (one of Mrs. Mom’s favorite Dallas Cowboys) was born on this day. Those pale in comparison.

The reason this day is Special is …. (drum roll please) On June 6, 1980, Dad got married. (Yes, so did Mrs. Mom.) Yep, 32 years, Mrs. Mom has been putting up with me. It’s been an interesting ride.

Where did we honeymoon? Walt Disney World, of course. Yep, Dad knows how to get a relationship started.

Just wanted to say Happy Anniversary Mrs. Mom and thank you.

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  1. Right back at ya! Also, WDW (only had the Magic Kingdom) was on the way to our first cruise on SS Dolphin (scourge of the sea).

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