July is Disney World Crowds Month

Dad has said this a couple of times. July is the month Dad is going to talk about Disney World Crowds. Why? Because July is the busiest month at Disney World. Yes, December has the biggest crowds, but there are lots of days where the crowds in December are real small. That’s not true in July. Every day is packed in July.

So, I though it would be appropriate to spend this month talking about how to avoid getting crushed by mobs of people at Walt Disney World. Let’s get started …

Dad has a page with a whole bunch of tips on how to avoid the crowds. There are tips like learn how to use FASTPASS, eat at odd times, press on during the rain. But Dad’s number one tip on how to avoid Disney crowds is to choose the Best Time to Visit Disney World.

Dad’s Disney World Crowds Tips page

Next, you have to have a plan for each park. Each park is very different. As the week progresses, we’ll talk about the best way to navigate each of the Disney World parks. Tomorrow, hopefully, we’ll talk about dealing with the crowds at the Magic Kingdom. We’ve talked about that a bit earlier this summer as part of Dad’s Nine by Noon Magic Kingdom Challenge.

Dad will update his Magic Kingdom Plan for the Palooza on Thursday. There has been some news that really changes our day. (This is how Disney World planning works. You make an initial plan and modify as things change.)

We’ll also try to tackle Epcot this week, but that might slip into next week. It’s not hard to plan for Epcot, but getting your day started can be a bit dicey. After the first 3 rides, everything pretty much falls into place.

Next week (or the next), we’ll talk about Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios. Each has some unique challenges to deal with.

This might not be the most fun thing Dad talks about, but it might be the most important. I hope you enjoy!

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