airplanes lined up at DFW

Last minute thoughts

It’s now 10:30 on Friday night. Mrs. Mom is just finishing up her packing (she just threw in the one billionth pair of socks). A song is starting to run through my head and I think it’s time to sing …

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go … (yep, Dad even sings Peter, Paul and Mary)

airplanes lined up at DFW

We’ll be right here tomorrow morning – “Leavin’ on a jet plane” – Photo by 66699

While we’re packing, we are deciding just how much trouble Dad’s going to be in from this prediction …

Is this the end of the Palooza?  Barring a huge comeback in the bottom of the ninth inning Dad is going to be in real trouble (but in the long run Mrs. Mom will be happier).

I’m sure before the night is over we’ll both be saying this …


Yep, I’m too excited to sleep. We’ll talk to you from Walt Disney World soon.

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