Pixar invades Disney Hollywood Studios

Pixar is taking over Disney Hollywood Studios. Sunday, a new parade started in the park called Pixar Pals, Countdown to Fun. The parade is full of all the Pixar characters. It’s very colorful.

See the story about Pixar Pals, Countdown to Fun here.

Photo by Jeff_B

It’s a shame that the Disney Hollywood Studios is becoming the Pixar Hollywood Studios. Yes, I know Disney now owns Pixar, but it’s a shame that Disney is has to buy the leadership in entertainment and is no longer the innovator when it comes to entertainment.

At least Disney was smart enough to buy Pixar.

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  2. Hello, I came across your blog while looking for images of the PIXAR Pals parade at Hollywood Studios. Beautiful photograph by the way! I too am somewhat of a Disney purist and would prefer less change to iconic attractions. However, I have to disagree with your feelings towards PIXAR. Walt Disney was a genius – a true force of nature – but he was not an island. He surrounded himself with the most talented people he could find. Individuals with boundless creativity and talent, but also passion. John Lasseter and his team at PIXAR embody these qualities like no other creative team working in animation today. If Mr. Disney was still with us I am sure he would have been the first to recognize this. Pixar films have heart and that lasting magical quality inherent to all Disney classics. As a total purist and traditionalist in all things Disney, even I can recognize the importance of such a strong alliance for the Disney brand!

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    Don’t get me wrong. I love Pixar and I’m thrilled they are a part of Disney. Pixar movies are the best. Period. That’s the problem.

    I’m disappointed the Disney is not as innovative as it used to be (at least in my opinion). Yes, Uncle Walt would have loved the things that Pixar brings, but, I believe that Pixar would have driven Walt to produce something even better. In Walt’s days, Disney was the one driving innovation in family programming, now they seem to be a step behind. Maybe I’m not looking at the whole picture, but maybe all of the ancillary businesses, ABC TV, ESPN, ABC Family, Disney Channel, and the movies studios, the Disney Store, the internet group, all the radio enterprises, they detract from the main business.

    Maybe I’m full of hot air (don’t say anything Mrs. Mom), but I don’t see any big thinking from Disney anymore. None of Uncle Walt’s linear induction motors, or monorail, or even a plan for a hugely innovative city of tomorrow. I’m afraid the innovation that made Disney what it is today is missing.

    I hope I’m wrong.

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