Prince Charming steps in

So far we’ve talked a lot about Dad’s Little Princess. It’s not that we ignore Prince Charming it’s just the way he is. He usually likes to stay in the background and let his Princess have her way. (Smart man.)

But there are times when a man just has to step up and take control.

The Prince has several jobs. Some are well known, some are obvious, some are hidden. We are going to talk today about the most important job any Prince can have and that’s the security of his Princess. It’s his job to bring her home safely because he knows that Dad wouldn’t take kindly to anything happening to his little Princess.

For most of the week, the Prince sat quietly and let the Princess have her fun, but the red carpet event at Disney Hollywood Studios made our Prince very uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.

Yes, walking down a red carpet and pretending to be a star is fun, but it also draws attention and drawing attention means you have drawn attention.  You never know when you are a public figure just what kind of attention you are drawing when you are drawing attention. (Dad’s so good with words.)

So, our heroic Prince took action. (Quietly of course, even the Princess never knew it happened.)

The Prince pulled the nice Disney Cast Member that had put them on the Red Carpet aside and asked if they could tone down all the Princess stuff. He told the Cast Member that he was beginning to worry about how much attention the Princess was drawing and  that something untoward  might happen to her. (I love this guy.)

The Disney Cast Member understood and promised she’d spread the word.

Now you might be asking, hey Dad, if the Prince is so quiet and secretive, just how do you know he talked to that Cast Member?  That’s a good question, and no, I haven’t talked to the Prince about any conversations he had while at Disney World.

So how do I know? I know because that is the only possible way to explain what happened to the Princess and her Prince Charming the rest of the trip.

But that’s a story for tomorrow …

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  2. Not the happy couple. Where is a picture of the happy couple or least the bride and her Dad?

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    Just got them Sunday. I’m working through them this week. I’ll try to get some up on Thursday.

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