Romance at Disney World

Valentines Day is coming. A day when Disney World turns red. Rose petals are strewn on all the walks. The moat in front of the castle is filled with red water. Every fair maiden that enters the parks is given a beautiful red rose. Dean Martin is singing “That’s Amore” or John Paul Young is singing “Love is in the Air“, you might even hear a little Partridge Family and “I Think I Love You“. It’s Love American Style.

Oh, if it were only so. Valentines Day at Disney World is pretty much like all the rest. Which brings up the question – where can you find romance at Disney World?

Romance at Walt Disney World. That’s a tough proposition.  There has to be somewhere where two people in love can snuggle up together or share an intimate dinner, but will all the distractions …

Here are a couple of ideas –


All romance starts with chocolate. It’s a fact of life. At Downtown Disney there is one of the World’s (not just Disney World) best chocolate stores. The Godiva Chocolate Store is located in the heart of Downtown Disney. Godiva is one of the worlds top chocolate makers and they make up some special chocolates just for Disney.


There is nothing more romantic than a quite dinner in a beautiful setting with the one you love. This is a daunting task at Disney World. There aren’t many quiet settings to be found. But here are a couple of semi-quite restaurants where love can be shared.

  • Tony’s Town Square Restaurant – Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is based on the Disney movie 101 Dalmations. In the movie there is a big romantic scene where Pongo and Perdita share a bowl of spaghetti ending in a kiss. So, go to Tony’s, order the spaghetti and one fork.
  • The Pizza Window on the Boardwalk – on Disney’s Boardwalk, just down from the Disney Boardwalk Villas in Orlando Florida, is a pizza window. So what’s romantic about a pizza window, it’s the setting. Disney’s Boardwalk is a beautiful setting. It’s a great place to snuggle up and share some good pizza and watch the people go by. The Boardwalk surrounds Crescent Lake. As the sun goes down, the lights come on, people start milling about, music starts to play, the street performers start performing. It’s all just romantic.
  • Victoria and Albert’s – This is the ultimate romantic dining experience. Located in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort in Orlando Florida, Victoria and Albert’s is Disney World’s finest restaurant. This is a place where you will find a quiet setting. Victoria and Albert’s is an adults only restaurant. If you are looking for that special place for a proposal or just the most romantic meal you’ll ever share, try it out.

Romantic Rides

No there is not a tunnel of love at Disney World, but there are some rides where couples can snuggle up and share some romance at Disney World.

  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority – yes, that ride that snakes through Tomorrowland is a good place for couples to spend some semi-secluded romantic time together. The bench seats allow you to get real close to each other. There are a couple of places on the ride where you go through a tunnel and there’s not a lot to see (a good place to steal a quick kiss).
  • Soarin’ – the newest ride in Epcot is called Soarin’. It’s a hang glider ride over Southern California. What’s more romantic than soaring through the air over beautiful scenery. Disney even provides a big moon.

Romance at Disney World is possible. Thousands of couples every year honeymoon at Disney World. Hundreds of couples are married in Disney’s Wedding pavilion. So during this season of love, remember, you can even find romance at Walt Disney World.

Yes, Dad even knows romance at Disney World.

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  1. Tony’s Town Square restaurant is inspired by the charming Italian trattoria where Lady and the Tramp share spaghetti and a kiss in the Disney classic animated film, Lady and the Tramp.

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