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Rumor Control – Walt Disney World Free Dining in 2013

Rumor Control time. The rumor – Free Dining is coming back for the fall of 2013. Now, the rest of the story. (Thanks Paul Harvey.)

Free Dining is back at Disney World in 2013. Yep it’s here for the fall of 2013. Free Dining is back IF …

My buddy Dave over at published a rumor today about Free Dining coming back for the fall. It sounds real good and it might get your hopes up … but …

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Might be nice to eat at Be Our Guest for Free – Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

Dave’s right and Dave’s wrong. Dave’s right, Free Dining is coming back this fall (and even into 2014) IF you live in Europe and South America. In fact I think it’s already available. That’s a fact. Good for you if you live in Europe and South America.

Dave’s wrong about the US and Canada. It just won’t happen. Not a chance. (Besides there are consequences for Free Dining.)

How do I know I’m right and Dave’s wrong? I’d say a little birdie told me, but really I’m just reading the Disney Tea leaves. This Winter and Spring Disney has offered Free Dining to guests coming from Europe and South America, but not for the US and Canada (get the current discount). (I think that’s discrimination and we should start a class action lawsuit.) It’s my humble (or not so humble) opinion that the same thing will happen this fall. Sorry.

Of course I’ve been wrong before (but not for a while), and yes, I’m hoping I’m wrong again.

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  2. PISSED…..they offered a bounce back for August-September BUT 2013 not until after Labour Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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