S-U-G-A-R, Sugar Rush!

S-U-G-A-R, Jump into your racing car, sugar rush, sugar rush!

(Wreck-It-Ralph, anyone?)

Don't these just look yummy? - by Disney Photo Snapper

Don’t these just look yummy? – by Disney Photo Snapper

It seems as though these days, Disney’s Hollywood Studios doesn’t receive the recognition that it should. Although the park is going through a much needed “revamping”, there are still several treasures inside this park that get both my heart pounding, and my sweet tooth sizzling! 

My favorite section of The Studios, previously known as MGM Studios, is Sunset Boulevard. Walking down this section of the park makes me feel like I’m transcended through time to the golden age of Hollywood. 

I am a fan of the Villiains, so I always visit “Beverly Sunset”. This store has everything Villains related, and it’s neighbor has some of the most scrumptious treats around the park; the candy shop is called, “Sweet Spells”. 

Empty Street at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Head to Sunset Blvd for your sugar rush – Photo by Samantha Decker

Besides the obvious candy apples, fudge, rice Krispy treats, and chocolate covered pretzels, my personal favorite is the slushie machine! It’s no secret that Florida is a warm place, and on a hot day waiting for my Fast Pass time to come around, I always stop for a strawberry-lemonade slush! There are many other flavors available too!

Another sweet treat is the freshly spun cotton candy! Being a great place to use up those snack credits is just part of the charm. Sweet Spells offers a variety of chocolate dipped fruit, including pinnaples, apples, and strawberries! 

If you are a cookie person, this is a definite must! There are over ten cookie choices including peanut butter, chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar, toffee, carrot cake, and even cookies that look like Mickey Mouse’s shorts!

They also offer ice cream, fudge, candy, s’mores, coffee, tea, soda, and more! 

Whatever it is that you are craving, make sure you stop by Sweet Spells for your sugar rush!

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