I’m going to apologize right up front for this one. Some of you will want to call the government fraud and abuse hotline when you read this, but remember, the statute of limitations has long run out, and everything I did was perfectly and completely within the rules.

Let’s go back, way back, to a more genteel time, a more sophisticated time …

Back to when the kids were very young. In fact it was their first trip. The Princess was 9 and the Man-Child was about to turn 5. It was time for a trip to Disney World.

We were in the process of moving from Corpus Christi to Houston. Yes, my job was paying for the move (your tax dollars at work). We (insert the word Dad here) had made reservations to stay in the Caribbean Beach Resort, but we (Dad again) really wanted to stay in the Polynesian Resort, but it was too expensive, or so I told the family. Dad had a plan.

We had spent a couple of days with Dad’s Mom and Dad’s Dad and we were driving to Walt Disney World. Disney used to have a travel stop in Ocala Florida. Dad was familiar with this little place, and knew they sometimes offered discounts on hotel rooms for last minute guests. Dad had planned for months to stop here just to look at what they offered.

We got to Ocala and the family went in to the Disney store. The non-male half of the family ran to the restrooms while I ran to the counter and asked the nice lady if they had any special deals on any of the hotels. No we don’t have any specials right now, the nice lady said. Do you have a reservation? The nice lady asked. Yes, we have one at the Caribbean Beach Resort, I managed to blurt out between sobs. I was hoping we could find a deal at the Polynesian, I whined.

Sometimes whining works, or maybe the nice lady just had some pity on me. Whatever. She offered us a good deal on a room at the Polynesian Resort. I jumped for joy. I made the change before Mrs. Mom and The Princess came out of the restroom and didn’t tell them. The Man-Child knew, but he was too young to understand.

When we pulled into Disney World I drove right by the sign for the Caribbean Beach Resort. Mrs. Mom pointed out gently to me that I was missing the turn. Change of plans, I muttered.

I kept driving and in a minute or two I pulled up in front of the Polynesian Resort.

Surprise, I said, let’s go check in.

It was the beginning of a the perfect trip, or at least until the next morning.

Dad’s Polynesian Resort page

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