Test Track in the rain


The last time we visited Disney World, we rode Test Track just as it started to sprinkle. We had grabbed FastPasses, like we always do, earlier, and it was now time. When we arrived at the ride, it was sprinkling.

This ride is going to close momentarily, I said, (yes, I’m always the optimistic one) We won’t get to ride. (Charlie Brown’s got nothing on me.)

Come on Dad, The Princess said, it’ll be fun riding in the rain. (Sometimes The Princess is right, sometimes she’s just wrong.)

So we went ahead. We gave the nice person at the head of the line our tickets and proceeded to the ride. The ride kept going. We got into the waiting room. The ride kept going. We got into our car. The ride kept going. We started through the ride. The ride kept going. We broke through the wall and started outside the building.

Ouch, that stings. Those tiny little water drops hitting my face at 650 miles per hour really hurt. We got off the ride.

The ride stopped.

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