The best time to visit Walt Disney World

The best time to visit Walt Disney World depends on a whole lot of factors. Dad discusses these factors over on the website, but here we’re going to list the the Good Weeks, the Bad Weeks and the Ugly Weeks to visit our favorite vacation destination.

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The Good

Christmas time is the best time to visit Walt Disney World

Christmas is the best time

I’ve chosen these weeks because there are low crowd levels, good special events, low prices, and acceptable weather. These weeks are the best of the bunch.

My favorite week to visit Walt Disney World is …

The week after Thanksgiving.

The week after Thanksgiving has low crowds (maybe not the lowest of the year), the best events of the year (Christmas at Disney World), acceptable weather (usually) and low prices.

Other Christmas season weeks that are good are the two weeks before Thanksgiving (you won’t get to see the Candlelight Processional) and the second full week of December.

The next best weeks are early in the year. The last week of January and the first two weeks of February there are very light crowds and usually great special deals. This is the time when you’ll see the best rates of the year.

Honorable Mention –

Honorable Mention goes to the late summer and early fall. September and October are normally slow times crowd wise. The International Food and Wine Festival brings gastronomic delights and some classic music to Epcot every fall.

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The Bad

It just makes sense that when school is out crowds at Disney World go through the roof. Summer crowds at Disney World arrive around the middle of June. It also gets very hot in Florida in the summer. It’s a hard time to visit Disney. Spring break (first part of March to middle of April) is also a busy time at the parks.

Some of the other holidays draw crowds and some don’t. Columbus Day, Veterans Dad and Valentines Day don’t bring in a lot of guests. But most of the rest of the holidays will be very busy.

Another time to be aware of is Gay Days. The first weekend in June is Gay Days at Disney World. One park each day is designated for the festivities. On Thursday it will be Animal Kingdom. Friday is Disney Hollywood Studios, Saturday is the Magic Kingdom and Sunday is Epcot. These parks will be packed on those days, and the other parks will have larger than normal crowds for that time of the year.

Another week to avoid is the first full week of December. This is the week of the Pop Warner Football and Cheerleader Championships. If you look at crowd levels, you’d probably say, hey Dad, the crowds are pretty small that week. That’s true, but for the last couple of years, this week was blacked out when it came to discounts. There will also be some extra traffic (especially in the evenings) to the parks.

The Ugly

These are weeks you will want to avoid. Crowds will be out of control. Yes, there are some really great events, but these weeks are normally blacked out when it comes to specials and discounts.

The first week to avoid is Christmas Week. Yes, Christmas Week. From Christmas Day through New Years Day, the biggest crowds of the year will be at Disney World. On Christmas Day the Magic Kingdom will close to new guests at around 10:00 am. It’s just nuts. It can take up to 2 hours to get a hamburger. Trust me, you don’t want to be there.

Fourth of July Fireworks - Pic by Don Sullivan

Next comes the 4th of July. This is another great day when it comes to events. The fireworks shows are some of the best anywhere, but over 400,000 people will try to see them. That means huge crowds everywhere. If you want to see one of the fireworks shows, you’ll probably want to be in your location by 6:00 pm or earlier.

These are the worst weeks of the year to visit Disney World.

For more information about daily crowd levels and touring plans to avoid crowds at Disney World check out It’s the best source out there for daily and even up to the minute reports on the crowds in the parks.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Anytime you can go to Disney World is a good time. You can even have a great vacation the week of Christmas. If you can pick your dates, these are the best and worst, but if you can’t go ahead and go to Disney World. It’s not to be missed. Just know what you are getting in to and have a plan to get through the parks.

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