The Ruination of a Family Tradition – Disney Dollars

Mrs. Mom is not happy. In fact she is downright upset. Today one of our family traditions died. In fact, you could call it a total ruination of an old family tradition – Disney Dollars.


Disney Dollars - a tradition ruined

How many of these do you have floating around?


I’m having a hard time believing it, too. Did Disney really do away with Disney Dollars?

From our very first trip, Mrs. Mom’s tradition has been to get each of the kids 5 Disney Dollars for each day we would be in the parks. That way they could each have some spending money with no questions asked. (Yes, she even did it when the kids were 18 and 23.)

So what set Mrs. Mom off today so badly she was almost cussing about the ruination (her word) of a Disney World Family Tradition? Today, Mrs. Mom went to the Disney Store to pick up Disney Dollars for The Princess and her Prince Charming for their upcoming honeymoon at Walt Disney World. (I know, so cute isn’t it?) The nice people at the Disney Store said they no longer sell Disney Dollars but would be happy to sell her a Disney gift card.

I can’t print what she said to me when she called me at work to discuss what to do next. (No, she doesn’t cuss, I was just busy and forgot what she said.) But the bottom line was what do we want to do now. Do we go ahead and get credit cards for the kids or just forget all about our 20+ year tradition?

Yes, they are both over 24 years old and it’s a silly tradition to give them each $5.00 per day, but it’s our silly tradition and it’s fun. (You ought to see how fast the Man-Child can find a Turkey Leg with his Disney Dollar$.)

Nope, no credit cards. That’s not the tradition. The tradition is Disney Dollars.

Yes, you can still get Disney Dollars in the theme parks but not at the Disney Store. You can’t even get them at the online Disney Store. Bummer. I don’t understand Disney’s logic on this one. Why kill the Disney Dollar program? I thought this was one of the most ingenious ways ever Disney had come up with to make money. You print your own money legally. You make it pretty enough so that your customers will take it home. It’s ingenious.

For years, you could get Disney Dollars at the Disney Store. For a while, Disney even made change in Disney Dollars. How many of you have at least 2 or 50 sitting around somewhere. That’s your money that Disney is using.

As a business man, I’m really envious of the guy that came up with this idea. I figure it was Uncle Roy. He was always the money guy. Makes you wonder, what idiot killed this program?

Back to the rant …

So Mrs. Mom and I decided not to buy CREDIT CARDS for the kids. CREDIT CARDS are nasty and lead to bad habits.

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