A Top-Notch WDW Must-See

Have you ever watched the Voices of Liberty perform over at The American Adventure in the World Showcase?

There is nothing else in WDW like this incredible patriotic a cappella group!  After seeing them perform live countless times, listening to the albums they have released (as the Liberty Voices)… and yes, listening to many of their performances that have been shared on YouTube, there has been one member of this group that continues to stick out.  Here’s a video from my most recent time seeing the Voices of Liberty live – Let’s see if you can pick out who my favorite is…

You guessed it (or at least I hope you did)!  Tiffany, the Soprano on the far right, in my opinion, is the greatest singer of all in the Voices of Liberty.  I’m a tremendous fan of the entire group, but I have to admit that I’ve found there to be a huge difference from when Tiffany is in the group on hand and when she’s not there performing.

In case you didn’t know, there are more than twice as many members of the Voices of Liberty than you’ll see in one show.

There is an even greater impact when Tiffany is placed in the leading Soprano position (Soprano 1).  I’ve never heard anybody belt out those incredibly high notes with such a pleasant and compelling sound like she does.  But, even more importantly, she hits those high notes with unmatched passion and feeling.  If you’re lucky enough to see Tiffany standing all the way to the right when you go to watch the Voices of Liberty, you’re in for quite the treat.

What makes her so special isn’t just a result of the sound of her singing voice and her power to touch emotions of the audience… It’s also because of her interactions with the crowd after the Voices of Liberty’s shows end!  My family, girlfriend and I have been lucky enough to meet her on many occasions and it’s become clear to us that her personality is just as memorable and astonishing as her marvelous musical talent.

It’s not often to come across somebody who is unquestionably an outright extraordinary individual.  When you visit The American Adventure to see the Voices of Liberty, you’ll find just that in the group’s spectacular Soprano, Tiffany.

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