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This is really cool. Today, released a brand spankin’ new Walt Disney World Touring Plan tool. I can’t say enough about it.

Touring plan for the Magic Kingdom

Here's one I created and "Optimized"


I’ve just started playing with it, but my first impression is WOW! Hey, Len. How’d you do that.

Len told me this summer that he was working on this project and told me a little about what he was planning. It’s amazing. You can create and edit your own Touring Plan for Walt Disney World. has over 100 plans for touring the parks. They have plans for families with small children all the way up to adult only plans.

The new software which works on your computer or your smart phone, allows you to take one of the premade plans and edit it or make your own plan up. Whenever you get done, you can print it out and you’ll have a copy of your own personal Walt Disney World Touring Plan.

Wait, I’m not through. Not only can you design your own plan or edit one of theirs, once you get it all put together there is a magic button at the bottom of the page where you can “Optimize”  it. That means the software will look at your plan and put things in the best order so you won’t have to wait in line. It will even tell you which rides to FastPass. It takes in to account your walking speed and whether you would prefer to wait or to walk. It’s amazing.

I saved the best for last. It also works with the Lines application. Not only will it put your plan on your phone, step by step, but it will look at the data from Lines and if you press the magic “Optimize” button, it will adjust to the actual crowd levels currently at the park.

I told you, this thing is amazing.

Right now, is testing this program and is giving it away. Yes, that’s right, giving it away as part of a subscription to

If you don’t have a subscription to you need to get one today. I don’t just say that because they pay me (and they do) I say that because it’s true. Every one who is going to Walt Disney World needs to have a subscription. Especially now! Get one today!

You can read more about the Computer Optimized Touring Plans (hey, Len, you have to come up with a better name) on their blog. (The Future is Now! Free Computer-Optimized Touring Plans Available for Disney World)

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