Toy Story Pizza Planet – perspective

Must be a gender thing. Dad and the kids really like Toy Story Pizza Planet. Mrs. Mom, not so much.

Toy Story Pizza Planet is the kind of restaurant every “real man” dreams of.  What’s not to like, hot pizza and video games. A match made in heaven.

The other perspective …

After being jostled and bumped for hours and hours, some people (who will remain nameless) want to sit down and have a quiet relaxing good tasting meal.

Toy Story Pizza Planet is not very quiet or relaxing. The noise level is pretty high from the games and the swarms of kids of all ages playing the games. The pizza is bland, tasteless, mass produced cardboard and so is the salad.

I guess things just depend on your perspective.

Dad’s Toy Story Pizza Planet page

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  1. Not all women dislike arcades, I have read many posts reviewing Pizza Planet as “Oh well mostly the boys like it”, either this must be a generational thing, or more of the myth that girls simply don’t play video games.

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