Yes, Christmas at Disney World in June

Dad loves Christmas. It’s my favorite time of year. But Dad, it’s only June. Are you serious about this Christmas thing? Yes, I’m serious. (But not too serious.)


Over on Dad’s Facebook page this week, and here on the blog, Dad’s gonna be talking about his favorite holiday. Why not join in. You can always throw comments in on these pages, you can send pictures on the Facebook page (some of which will make it to the main site) and you can even ask a question or tell us a story about your Christmas at Disney World experiences.

Dad has 3 reasons for talking about Christmas at Disney World in June. The first goes back to yesterday and the Healthy Habits Saturday post about taking a break. For some reason, Dad needs a break from the Palooza. So for a week we’ll talk about Christmas to see if we can’t recharge Dad’s Palooza batteries.

Second, it’s now 180 days until mid-December. That means it’s time to start making those December reservations for dining (ADR’s). You can (and should) make reservations for a great dining experience to add to your Christmas vacation. But for most restaurants, those reservations have to be made 180 days prior to arrival. Check out Dad’s Advanced Dining Reservations page for more information.

The third and maybe most important reason is … it’s getting hot here in Oklahoma and thinking about Christmas cools things down. I think it’s a great idea to have a Christmas Week as the summer starts. So let’s all start thinking about “The most wonderful time of the year …”

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page

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