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Hey Yall! My brother, The Man-Child, loves animals. His favorite park at Walt Disney World is Animal Kingdom. He is going to be stoked when he finds out that Disney Interactive teamed up with Facebook to create a new online game. Players aim to find hidden objects while exploring Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Camping in the Forest with Disney's Animal Kingdom Explorers

Camping scene from the game - from the Disney Parks Blog

The Man Child, loved going to the zoo when he was younger. His dream was to catch and touch a squirrel. Well he finally got his wish and got to touch one while we were waiting for Wishes to begin at the Magic Kingdom. Maybe someday he will get to work in a zoo or even at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Facebook has a million different games to play, this one is actually worth your time. You might even make friends with a few other Disney fans. Just imagine exploring the wilds of the jungle with some of your closest friends and being able to help the animals around you. That sounds like a good time to me. Check it out at

First gamers will join a wildlife research team to build a preserve. Player chose which animals, vegetation, and other items they want to use build up your area and keep the animals growing and happy. Once you have built you preserve there will other challenges and ways to improve your game.

While playing the games players will be challenged to find hidden objects in many settings. Explores can look through the Rocky Mountains, Amazon Rainforest, and Down Under in the Australian Outback. While searching through the Amazon WDW enthusiast will notice scenes right out the Animal Kingdom Park. The Harambe and Anandapur sections of the Animal Kingdom were placed in the game. Player are sure to love them and it is not to far to travel and see them in real life.

Disney’s aim is not only entertain players but to also teach them about being ecologically minded. While building the preserve you must think of the animals needs in their natural habitat. Also you cannot place animals that fight or do not get along next to each other. Be careful where you put the lions they tend to eat everything!

In the next few months Disney will be tweaking the game for maximum enjoyment. While you are on Facebook make sure to check out Dads page. Next week I am going to start dedicating Thursday to tell you about my favorite things in each park. I hope you all are ready to hear about that!

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